Today Impeachment of DJT Begins

So, I suppose I’ll be busy watching the proceedings on TV.  Oh, the bane of my existence!  I hate TV!  It’s turned into a gutter viewer, and even shows I’d like to watch are filled with either smut or gay relationships as though 1-2% of the population is what they now call “normy.”  Normy is what I used to be, I guess.  Now I’m a bigot, gun rights nut, with white privilege, and a fat old woman all.  I guess those who call the shots, the paid media, and the college professors out to destroy the country will just have to get used to folks like me being here, because we were here first, and have ties to long ago pilgrims!  Who knew?

Not dead yet!  Trying to protect the nation from the totalitarians who want everything their way.  No God, no guns, no Constitution, no liberty, and no dissenting from their leftist views.

Well, I’m not dead yet!  And I’m not sure Virginia is either.