Classes I’ve been taking are at ….

Classes.  And I’ve liked them lots.  I’ve had several on Ethical Hacking.  My favorite instructor there is Zaid Sabih…he’s so patient, detailed, and continues to repeat stuff, so it sticks in your brain.  He gets you all set up with Virtual Box and several different operating systems, all segregated from your normal stuff, so if you blow something up, it’s not going to affect your real files at all.

Besides that, I’ve had one in SQL, and I’ve got a free course in Blender I’m about to begin.  I did have a bit of 3d graphic stuff back in the late 80’s when things were quite primitive on that scale, but I understand some of the concepts so I think I’ll be interested enough to finish it.  Probably won’t use it, but that’s because I’ve got no place to use it.

Pain Relief

I’ve also discovered CBD Oil and it’s kept me from a total freakout over this sprained ankle!  It truly does help with the pain!  I always thought that was hype from the hemp crowd, but hey!  I’m going to be using it till this foot heals, for sure.  It’s not got the side effects of regular pain pills of any kind, even over the counter regular stuff.  This stuff works.  It doesn’t have any THC which is the stuff that causes a high, and folks worry about addiction.  Not a problem.

You know, I tried this stuff about a year ago out of curiosity.  It did nothing.  Of course,  I wasn’t in active pain then, so of course, it did nothing!  That’s the point!  It helps with pain, without causing any side effects, yet affects nothing, if there’s no pain to affect.

Notice, I used affect and effect correctly!  LOL!  Still a bit of the teacher in there, even though I’m not homeschooling anymore.