Learning quite a bit about website security

I had no idea it was so easy to hack a website.  And it seems to make no difference to hackers that there’s nothing worth the effort!  I’ve checked my stats and it’s amazing how many times exploiters will try to gain access, for seemingly no reason.  There’s nothing worth hacking this site for, yet there are always attempts.

I’m thinking now that these attempts, many of them anyway, are folks just trying things out to see if they can do it.  I’ve been taking classes in ethical hacking and penetration testing, and while I’m certainly far from an expert, I can see the challenge, and understand the desire to just try!

My husband has forbidden me from hacking his system.  LOL!  I can log into his system any time I like!  But IT’S NOT THE SAME!  Being able to do it like a hacker is a challenge I am  thinking about all the time!  Nothing on there is private from me anyway, but it’s the principle of the thing!  Can I do it? I’m going to try, but not for a few weeks.  I need to know more.

It’s like a dare to a young kid!  Dare I?