Interactive Story


Whimsical stared at Bendy and yelled, ” What are you doing?!”

Bendy turns around and shrugged.

Whimsical face-palms, ” I meant it, Bendy.” She said underneath her breath.

Bendy shrugs again and said awkwardly, ” I don’t know what I’m doing either!”

Whimsical stands there and sits down slowly and her eyes dart around the room and, her fur changes to red. Whimsical screams at Bendy, ” I’m SO mad at you!”

Bendy weirdly replied with a sigh, ” I can’t help it! I’m lazy! Don’t blame me, blame Sans!”

Whimsical hears footsteps and she raises her ears. She stands up and walks around the room looking for where it’s coming from.


“Don’t panic!  It’s just me!”  Andy sweeps into the room swishing his magnificent fluffy tail.  His dinner, an acorn, is stuffed into his left cheek.  Looking around for a comfy place to settle for his dinner, his tail swishes over Bendy tickling her.

“Stop! Stop! OK!  I’ll get up, and get busy, I swear!”  Standing, Bendy sneaks a quick look at Whimsical to see if she’s noticed there aren’t even any shoes on her feet yet, and throws her arms out delightedly in welcome to the fluffy squirrel buddy!

Nimue: Whimsical stands there awkwardly and swifts past Andy making his tail swift up.

“Oof!” Andy slams to the ground from the rush of wind She gave off. Whimsical stops quickly and Bendy turns around in a startled way.

Whimsical quietly said,”Sorry about that.” She quickly turns around and stares deeply at Andy.

Bendy sighs in relief and sprints over to Andy to help him up. After Andy got up he quickly looked at Whimsical, then back at Bendy.

“Thanks.” Andy said happily.

Whimsical quietly darts out of the room without making a sound. Bendy and Andy look around and see no sign of her. They then followed out of the room.

We have to correct the tense.  This is all past tense.  Go back and change the tense of the verbs from sighs and sprints to sighed and sprinted….etc…throughout.