Interactive Story


Shattering the window, a rock flew through the fourth grade class hitting Andy on the shoulder.  Luckily, no one was injured by the flying glass, and only a bruise on Andy’s shoulder resulted.

Nimue: Andy didn’t notice he had a bruise for a while, until a friend of his walked up to him in school asked what happened to his shoulder. He shrugged in response but felt a pain when she placed her hand on the bruise.

Tia:  Fortunately there were only four boys on the playground pavement at the time of the rock incident.  The principal had all four miscreants in his office, waiting to be interrogated.

Nimue: Andy saw the kids walking into the principals office. Andy wondered if they were the kids that threw the rock. The kids were pushed in the office and the principal told Andy everything about what happened. Andy was happy they were being taught a lesson.

Tia:  Although Andy got an explanation, it wasn’t exactly factual.  The principal, Mr. Edgars, has not yet begun to interrogate the boys.  He was concerned that their parents would become irate if he issued punishment too severely.  There was no admission of guilt from the boys, so the choice was to continue to interrogate, or punish all four. He was positive the parents would complain.

Nimue: School finished and the four boys went home, but Andy stayed outside of school to talk to his friends. Once they were finished talking Andy walked home. He saw the four boys on the sidewalk and the boys were talking with each-other one said, “I lost 12 pounds!”. “Look in that mirror, I think i found them.” said another boy. “-Unholy Screaming-” The boy looked terrified and then he ran home to tell his mom. The other boys laughed.

Tia: Andy saw them bullying their friend and just stopped to watch.  He crossed the street so as to not be noticed.  Bullying of that type was going on in school all the time.  Mom had told him “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names and games will NEVER hurt me.”  That meant he wasn’t to show his feelings.  The boys enjoyed the hurt.  If that boy had not shown he was hurt, they would not have gotten fun out of it.  Tomorrow would be another day, and the principal still had his punishment to deal with somehow.

Nimue: Andy got into the house and every light was off. He wondered why until his family popped up in random places and screamed, “SURPRISE!”. Andy screamed and ran up to his bedroom forgetting it was his birthday. Andy fell asleep without doing anything else when he got home.

Tia:  Next day, Andy’s mom asked him at breakfast if he was feeling ok, since people don’t usually run away from their own birthday surprises.  Andy explained how the day had gone, and reiterated how upset he had been.  Hiding his feelings was the right thing to do, of course, but it takes tons of energy and focus to be able to do that.  His mom was understanding, fixed him food, prepared his lunch, packed his backpack up and promised today we would rerun the birthday surprise, and he could be prepared for it!  There were presents waiting!

Nimue: Andy walks out of the door saying, “Goodbye mom and dad!” Andy walks down the sidewalk to get to school and a kitten walks up to him. Andy picked up the cat and said, “Why are you here alone little one?” The cat replied with a meow. “I shall call you Cherry.” He said as he walked up with the cat.

Tia: Of course, he couldn’t take little Cherry into the school with him, so he let her loose in the fenced playground area, hoping no one would take her, or bother her.  As he entered the schoolhouse, he was told by the hall monitor to report to the principal’s office.

“I’ve been troubled by the incident yesterday, Andy.  I’m sure you have been as well.  But, time has passed, and I’m wondering if it would be ok with you if they boys merely got a scolding, and maybe one day of after school detention.  Would that satisfy you?  After all, you were the injured party,” said the principal, Mr. Dears.

Andy nodded, and went to class thinking the incident was behind him, and would be forgotten.   But, sometimes these things aren’t that easy.

Nimue: Andy walked to class and the door wouldn’t open, Andy pushed and even tried to break the window. Andy heard a faint meow and decided to see if it was Cherry. Andy ran outside to the playground and saw the bullies kicking Cherry. Andy sprinted and slid to push one of the bullies down, he succeeded at that and was able to scrape the bully’s knee. Cherry sprinted off into a bush and the other bullies started attacking Andy. Andy was able to escape and then he sprinted back into the school and slid and busted open the principals office door and the principal said, ” Whoa! Are you okay?!” Andy tried to reply but panted too much. Andy was able to make out a few words, ” The boys were hurting a kitten I named Cherry and then attacked me!” Andy said while the scrapes and bruises bled a bit. “Don’t worry Andy. I’ll make sure i tell their parents EVERYTHING they did in the past few days.” The principal said in a serious way. Andy replied in a thankful way, “Thank you principal.” Andy slowly got up and walked out of the principals office and went to class.

(Lesson)  Nim, you could have used “he” in some of those places you put Andy.  It would read better if you did.  Also, you need to paragraph wherever there is dialog.  A comma after Andy said, before while the scrapes….  Also, comma after “Don’t worry, before Andy.  Capitalize “I”.  And that quote should end with a ,” the principal said, in a serious way.  Comma after Thank you.  (/Lesson)

Tia:  Now the principal, Mr. Edgars, was really in the hot seat.  One of the boys was his own nephew.  Of course, no one knew this, except the boy, Arthur, and his parents.  What the boys had done would be an offense great enough to warrant suspension.

How easy is it to tell your own nephew he is suspended?  And doing so might be considered a reward, rather than punishment.  Days off school!  Oh, goody!

A dilemma.  Mr. Edgars pondered his options.  Since the entire incident which Andy had reported was not witnessed by anyone but the boys in question, such a harsh punishment might not be appropriate.  It was really Andy’s words against four other boys, who would claim it never happened.

“I will have to speak to the boys, and I will have to report their behavior to their parents,” he thought.  That would suffice.

He called the boys to the office.