Impeachment is over, but not the rancor

I knew that the whole process was another attempt to weaken or cause problems for President Trump, and didn’t fool myself that an acquittal would end the division and rancor in the popular culture today. But it’s worse.

Every single democrat running for the presidency in 2020 advocates for a world most American’s would not recognize, or want. There’s no way we would be able to call ourselves “free” if they gain power again. This malignancy in the democrat party needs to be purged. Once Bernie is cut from the process, I’m expecting dangerous demonstrations in the streets by his supporters, and worse, a failure of the police to contain the mobs. The police have been targets of this sick leftist cult for almost a decade, and the boys in blue risk their lives going into mobs of Antifa and other communists who really want to tear us down.

All the lovely patriotic words flowing from the mouths of the House Managers of the Impeachment of DJT sounded so sweet, and so insincere. When one recognizes what these people want to do to our established republic, to tear it down and grab power, it’s hard to listen to them spout patriotic phrases calling on memory of our founding fathers.

Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves at the existential threat to our individual liberties and freedoms. These are truly “the times that try mens souls…”

May God protect us, and have mercy!