Curriculum 2017

For our main math curriculum, this year we are using CTC Math.  Sometimes it’s really easy, and sometimes he goes into things I’ve never thought about myself, so we have to work hard to understand.  But it’s obviously a very good program.  I have complete control over how many times she reviews and redoes any particular segment, and we do that until full understand comes.

Then we switch to EasyPeasy, which is All in One, and we like it.  It’s free.  First thing each day on EasyPeasy now for 5th grade, is Math, which is Khan Academy, stepping though EasyPeasy assigned lessons each day. That really is overkill, but math is so important, and takes almost no time.  I like to see her with about 40 minutes or so of math, since that is where she struggles.

Then EasyPeasy goes to language arts, and I like the way they do it.  We read sections aloud to each other.  I know she can read fabulously, but she has a habit of fudging and not reading everything!  So, till she can be trusted, we do it together.  It’s also got a bible reading each day, history, science, art, art history, language if you want it.  And computer stuff as well.