Cool Spring Seems Over, Seeds are Planted Everyday

Today, a gorgeous day, the temp finally climbed up much higher than it has been this spring.  We’ve been waiting for pool weather, and gone even though it was barely in the 70’s.  The other day, I shivered while my granddaughter stayed in the heated pool almost alone, as there wasn’t another child there at all.

We do our schooling in the morning and since she’s reading much faster, and writing and doing math much faster, we are frequently finished except for the 1/2 hour of reading together that I enforce.  We’ve read such good books!  It’s the best part of the day for me, as I love this, and listening to improvement is also so good.

We will do lots of pool time, as it’s the way she gets to play with other children.  She is improving at that, and it’s good to see.


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