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I’ll grant I’ve been lazy lately….

It’s so easy to let go.  When my girls don’t show up, there’s nothing to do but play with the dog!  It’s boring day after day.  Oh, I could get quite political, but why bother?  I’m old enough no one wants to know what I think anyway.

But, what if?

What if that thing that bit me today wasn’t a spider?  Suppose it was something that would make me smarter.  What if I had that old magic called wisdom.  Would anyone know?  Would anyone care?  I have quite the ability to waste time, sitting and pondering, stirring around in my head even while the ball game is on, and I can’t focus on it long enough to notice who is up at bat.

Suppose, in the future, we don’t need our bodies anymore, and become just brains that need nourishment, but that nourishment can only be gotten outside, and we can’t get there?

Ok, this SSL certificate needs fixing.  It’s driving me nutty my emails aren’t coming.


2017….Well, I thought it would be good….

Nothing is more distressing than discovering on the first day of the year, after doing everything right, getting down the tree, putting everything right again, and feeling good about it, that something is terribly wrong for loved ones living elsewhere.

I feel like I have to drop everything andrush to Florida, even though having been told it’s not necessary, premature, and silly.  When we start getting older, siblings tend to look to the eldest to start falling apart first.  Well, she did, but got all fixed, and declared cancer free!  I celebrated hard, thanked God so much all through the holiday season, and was so glad!

Now, though, my younger brother is in trouble.  I do wish doctors could diagnose much quicker, and fix him!  He’s not supposed to be in trouble yet!  He’s the baby of the family!  And I’ve missed him terribly for years!

Life’s not fair.  Waiting for news is scary, and depressing.  And time is dragging, dragging.

May your 2017 be blessed and grand.