Been Exploring Ethical Hacking Courses

I’ve completed several classes, although my very own technology is too poor to actually do anything hacking wise, it’s been a very new different eye-opener.  I’ve learned many things, and also, ways to protect myself and my home systems from hacking.

While I know I will always be vulnerable, I’m not as easily fooled as I once was, and if I ever get a newer more powerful system, I will be able to begin to track down hackers.  I’d love to be able to do that.

Of course, I might not even live long enough to do the stuff I’d like to do, since I’m already so old, but learning keeps my younger than I feel.

I’d recommend Zaid Sabih of on as an absolutely fabulous teacher!  He is repetitious, and patient!  Complete, and detailed!

Also, I like Nathan House, as he keeps in touch, and lets students know about current issues.

It’s been fabulous, guys!

Now, onto the last one, website hacking.