Today, it’s all good!

Today, this morning, everything connects as it’s supposed to, and I owe thanks to the support guy, John, at my hosting company!  Yesterday was a disaster, as usual, and I discovered that what my computer says my ip address is is not what whatsmyip says my ip is.  Interesting.  And confusing.

For some reason, also, I had to give up using Opera because it wouldn’t connect, while Firefox does.  So, that’s interesting.


As Usual, things aren’t working right yet

I had things settled on my old hosting company, and thought everything was going smoothly, and it did for well over a year.  There was a support guy that really helped me out.  But one day in December, late, I noticed my email wasn’t flowing for my website.  Hmmm.  I waited a few days.  Nothing.

I tried to log onto the site one day, and good grief!  It was suspended!  What on earth?  I had nothing controversial on there, except possibly ad for CBD oil from an affiliate account.  I’ve never actually sold anything, or made any commissions from anyone.  Well, once long ago I made some commissions from Amazon, and spent it all buying books. That’s the way I fly.  I read a lot.  My kindle is getting slow I think because it’s got so much stuff in it!

So, I tried to get support from my favorite support guy, and nothing.  Nothing.  No acknowledgement even of the trouble ticket.  So, a few days later, I logged on the hosting site and lo and behold, that trouble ticket wasn’t even there!  Ugh.

So, I tried again.  Still nothing.  So for three more days, a total of about a week or so, the site was marked suspended, and no mail flowed.

So, I looked elsewhere and got a new hosting account.  But, of course, things aren’t working as smoothly as they should.  It might be a while before things settle down.  Maybe I’ve misconfigured something.  Who knows.  I’ll keep checking.

In the meantime, I heard from my old hosting company they’d love to have me back!  So, we will see.  Hmmm..

Funny How These Things Happen….

Always seems to happen either during a long holiday, or around the first of the year.  My web pages get all screwed up, and I seem to lose control of everything.  I think sometimes it’s because I’m getting old, but really, there’s no excuse when the hosting company doesn’t respond to support tickets for days.  So, once again, I’m starting all over.  I could restore lots of old stuff, but why?

Actually, I was going on about my ancestry stuff my sis has been researching.  And I’ll get into it more once I get these other sites settled into a pattern, as they were.

For now, Happy New Decade, 2020.  Hope it’s a good one for us all!