What a Way to Wake!

Today, I woke up early, and walked the dog in a terrific downpour, picked up the newspaper, and grabbed my coffee and ipad for a first look at the day. It’s now sunny and sweet, but then, it was still dark.

For some odd reason, I clicked on a link somewhere that took me to youtube and food videos. Wisconsin’s famous butter burger first. And after licking my chops I went on to a video about different types of tenderizing to use on steaks, and could taste those trial steaks. I swear. Then, Navajo fried bread, umm umm, and on to English muffins, made in a huge cast iron skillet.

I used to have a huge cast iron skillet! Sent it with the kids when they moved to Arizona. But those muffins looked mouth watering good!

Now, when I should be thinking of folding laundry, and once again attempting to get this sewing machine working they way I’d like, I have food on the brain. What will supper look like tonight? Anyone’s guess.