Series of Unfortunate Events – for real!

Some time ago, I was feeling great, working out regularly, summer was full swing, everything seems fine, and the kids had moved away leaving me free to do things I hadn’t thought about earlier.  Then I twisted my left foot out of all recognition, and just couldn’t deal with it.  I managed to drag myself into the house and phone my husband who was in the basement watching baseball loudly, and could hear his phone ringing upstairs.  Not good.  So, I called Shawn and he rescued me with an ice pack and ace bandage.  Thinking that would be sufficient, I hobbled around for another two weeks before heading to my favorite foot doctor.

As luck would have it, I had tossed my old black boot about two or three weeks before the incident!  Of course!  And the doc after xrays determined it’s just a painful sprain, and got me another big boot, but gray.  Not exactly a fashion statement!  So, happy I could walk again, at least, I thought all was fine!

Then I woke one morning and discovered a bite that I’d been itching was large, huge, in fact, and angry red purple, with the entire area swelling.  Called doc.  Saw nurse practitioner.  She recorded the thing, and prescribed antibiotics, said it was infected.  No way to determine what bit me at all.  The antibiotic helped, but inflammation set in badly, and pain from the lower back slowly crept up to the neck, which became very stiff and painful.  Over a period of a week, I was a blasted cripple.  Not to denigrate cripples, but being one wasn’t my idea of a fun summer!

My long suffering and sainted husband took over my care splendidly, and while the nausea and vomiting stopped, and the pain began to clear from the same bottom up, the neck was still very stiff, sore, painful.

Then, I woke with another bite.  What on earth is biting me?  There’s no sign of bed bugs, no sign of fleas, no sign it was a tick, although the bite looks ticky… no tick was there.  And I was weak, dizzy, and vomiting all over again!  There’s some bug that makes me quite sick, and I don’t know what it is!  It’s scary!

But, today, for the first time in maybe three or more weeks, I’m going for a workout, with my boot on, and intend to get some energy back!  By the weekend, I have to be ready to handle Nationals Park…..and I’m NOT missing that game for anything!  Although several folks have not offered to fill my seat for me….he he!  Nationals vs. Dodgers!  Richmond family coming up to take us!  Wouldn’t miss it for the world!