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Seems I’m Starting Again

    And I’m wondering.  The other day on Facebook, (I know, a trap, and pretty useless now) I viewed a video.  I didn’t share it.  But it made me think deeply about how messed up our society, our culture, has become.     A woman was in a restaurant raging at the management about a couple getting a bit too lovey in a public place, and everyone there was aghast about her behavior.  Of course, her behavior was horrible!  There’s no question about that!  And reading the comments, something I love to do, because it reveals much more about our culture than just the video or article do, I was stunned by the things folks said in her condemnation.  Of course, she was very wrong, and she may have been causing a scene on purpose to get attention.  I don’t know.

Her contention was that public displays of “affection” (or something much more familiar) ought to not be allowed in a public establishment like a restaurant as it’s uncomfortable for others to see.

Those commenting condemned her, and supported the behavior that was making HER uncomfortable.  All of them.  Not one single commenter expressed any sympathy for her discomfort, or cared that others might likewise be uncomfortable in the same circumstance.  Of course, her behavior was outrageous and despicable.  But.

I thought about that long and hard.

What happened that made this behavior right and her feelings wrong?

What happened to personal privacy?  Where did it go?

Why on earth must a homosexual person reveal that fact openly for everyone to know?  Is not sex a private matter?

Why on earth do people tell all about their sexual exploits, who they “got it on with?”  In the past, they would be known as a cad.

Stormy slanders herself, Trump didn’t reveal her low standards of behavior and his, she did.  Why?

Why is it something to brag about when one has ones menstrual period for the first time?  Why is this very personal private body function something people openly brag about to their friends?  Who is impressed with that?  Everyone goes through that, but what business is it of anyone else what your body is doing all on it’s own?

What happened that makes it ok for TV shows to show actors and actresses jumping right in bed with someone on the first date, and that so little value is placed on our very intimate, personal body feelings and things and so cheapen the act of making love.  Now it’s just sex.  A quicky.  A nothing.  Who cares?

How can women value themselves when they are treated so cheaply?  Why do they believe the lies that guys tell and then force down the feelings, and shrug off the way they get tossed aside and written off as merely a bodily function, like scratching an itch.

A persons body is the temple of their immortal soul.  For a woman, or girl, it’s the place where new life is begun!  This is a priceless treasure, a place that should be always kept clean and pure for her babies to begin their lives.

What happened that changed gentlemen who think they are so ethical and have such great integrity and honor into guys who will cheat and lie to a woman, either to get her to engage in sex with them, or to deceive them about fidelity that doesn’t exist while they philander.

What so confused people that they can deny their own gender identity?  What happened to make it ok for men to dress as women, and for women to deny their femininity?

Why is it ok for grown men to go into womens bathrooms in public places?  How does this provide safety for little girls?

When did all this cultural devolution begin and why does no one say anything about it?

Can you honestly say you’ve never been made uncomfortable by the open display of overtly sexual “affection?”

I recall the 60’s.  I recall the hullabaloo about “the pill” and the theories that it would be a slippery slope that would drag our culture down.  At the time, it seemed laughable.  Yet, it made it much easier for guys to imagine they could get free sex because the consequences could be avoided.  They sold lots and lots of girls that very argument, along with the lies of how much they were loved to get what they wanted in the short term, without consequences.

Without consequences.

That’s the key, right there.  And now, I see how right that prediction was.

And compassion for our confused folks has turned to contempt for people with moral standards.  Compassion is not acceptance.  And while folks nowadays call loose girls sluts and whores behind their backs, they pretend to their faces that their behavior is hot and cool!  They pretend that being tossed aside like an old shoe doesn’t hurt!  Oh, no!  I’m not hurt!  I hurt HIM!  BS.  I call BS on lots of that behavior.

The big lie was really a big lie.

People need to value themselves and behave as though they do in order to have REAL integrity.

Keep private that which is private.

Frankly, and honestly, I don’t want to know about your sexual preferences, your sexual desire, your sexual behavior, or how you identify yourself.  I want to honestly treat you with respect.

But you have to treat yourself with respect as well.

Because I might treat you with respect.

But I won’t actually respect you.

It’s just going to be another lie.