Barnhardt thinking….it’s so clear!


Here’s a link to Ann Barnhardt explaining what the Catholic Church is, and describing the confusion folk have today about exactly that. Describing how it’s been attacked and by whom for a long, long time. Let’s try really hard to understand that if we are really so self-centered that we are “looking for God” we are most likely making up some unworldly creature that is what we want Him to be. But it’s clearly a violation of the very first Commandment handed down to Moses. Ann has a unique way with words that is clearly persuasive, and fills me with hope. I’d like to share several of her posts here.

We begin Constitution study soon…

I’ve ordered yet another curriculum guide to help us study the Constitution, but it hasn’t arrived yet. We intend to break it down, and work at understanding the implications of each article, and how this is a wonderful foundation for liberty.


Our homeschool is eclectic, part unschooled, part curriculum based, and works to enhance the talents and interests of our students. Not easy to achieve, because their ages vary widely.