Must rage today!

I’ve been on this planet in this country for almost 71 years, and I have never, NEVER, gone anywhere where people with clipboards were standing around to check DOG LICENSES!!!!  Oh, I can understand a locality charging a

snarlfee to register a dog every year, but NAZI tactics like just to allow your dog entry into the local dog park is not only insane it’s VILE!

When did these vermin get authority to do such stuff?  

That’s just how I FEEL today!  Cheating my wonderful Clover out of a few minutes chasing balls because she’s not mine, and I don’t have a license in my pocket for her!  What an outrage!  I’m truly ANGRY today!

Quick entry

Watching baseball. Nationals are starting the season with great play! It’s exciting and pretty ok I guess that three of us are on our phones while watching but grandpa is watching through his eyelids and coughs up a snore now and then. He will still get excited over score!

Well done, our favorite boys if summer!

Indulging in all sorts of old music today….

navyEagles, Desperado, Manfred Mann, Blinded by the Light, The Joker, American Pie, Sound of Silence, I could go on. Holy cow. Melanie woke with music in her head and called youtube on the mac and we sang ourselves silly. Probably drove Lira nuts who was trying desperately to do her reading. She’s lucky we did that, so she didn’t have to sit at the mac and do her math until near noon!

We have a fairly relaxed way of doing homeschooling around here.

If I were organized…..

If I were organized, I wouldn’t have the first graders finished worksheets and writing practice all scrambled in with those I might still assign to her.  If I were organized, I might be able from day to day, to figure out what text book or workbook we want to use today.  If I were organized, I probably wouldn’t spend so much time searching through the pile on the chair for what to wear today, rushing so I can take the dog out for her early morning pee, and pick up the papers.

If I were organized, hey, I might start thinking I’m a bit too perfect or something, and all this old age humility might just go out the window.  I might start thinking of actually accomplishing something.  Naw.  Me?

But, never fear, I shall never be organized.

I try.  But this house has 7, that’s seven, occupants, a Clover and a cat named Ash.  There is enough to do to keep a normal person busy 24/7, and I long ago gave up 24/7.

I squeeze in prayers whenever and wherever and sometimes sing my prayers while walking the dog.  I’m sure no one hears, but perhaps He who is my only listener these days.  Surely, kids don’t listen to me anymore.  They demonstrate that well each day.  But that’s ok.

I listen to them, exquisitely.  I want to know them.


Sometimes – words are just so right!

IMG_3440Ann Barnhardt had a post the other day, or perhaps it was today, but it’s been such a LOONNG day because I forgot all my passwords again and had such trouble getting on the site AT ALL – that I need to share it, primarily with myself.  No one reads this blog anyway.

“So there you go.  Remember, religion – and there is only one True Religion – is not man’s quest for God.  Religion is God’s quest for man, reaching out over and bridging the chasm of sin that separated us – and that is why it can only be done properly on His terms.  He is the Actor.  Whether or not you “FEEEEEL” or even perceive Him acting upon you is a completely and totally unreliable metric.  This is the lie of Superfun Rockband church and also the Novus Ordo cultural paradigm which is trying to emulate Superfun Rockband church – that the efficacy of the sacrament, or “value of the experience”, is measured by the feeling and perception of the individual.  This is utter and complete narcissistic, self-worshiping rubbish.”

This seems so right to me.  Of course, it makes so much sense.


Never take a 6 yr old princess to the Firearms Museum

What a waste of time and effort.  The older kids probably had a great time, although they whizzed through without reading anything at all.  I, on the other hand, having full knowledge of lots of history, wanted to see everything, read everything, and take my time.  The 18 year olds went through picking out what guns they would like to have, and wound up buying air soft handguns to shoot each other with, and the middle aged, 13 and 10 year old seemed to be more into what they were looking at, at least.

I wanted to see so many things, but the 6 year old princess spent her spent her entire visit telling me what to do.  Ugh.

Hackers got me…

Hackers!  Again!  I had a few nice rants up here, and was quite satisfied that I have worked through my rages, and made clear just what I was thinking about certain issues.  I guess my opinions weren’t popular with a certain element, because this site and another were hacked by Syrian hackers on January 14, 2014.  Bummer.

Now, I have to write all that again.