Ending Baseball, Starting Football

I know I’m late with these observations. I’m a slow thinker. Baseball, and I mean the Washington Nationals, ended some time ago, but we’ve naturally been hoping for other teams to win in playoffs, and that didn’t happen. What happened to the Cubs? Pity, that!

Now, I seem to have no time at all, in spite of the fact we were spending time at Nationals Park that we aren’t doing now. There are so many things to do this time of year. Halloween is almost upon us and this year, except for a few stragglers, I’m not expecting many to show up at my door. I’ve been good and not eaten any candy for two weeks now, but am so looking forward to the last Trick or Treat call, so I can check out what is left.

Football has been dismal until today. A great comeback win 31-30 over the Tampa Bay team actually put a smile on the faces of most Redskins fans…even former fans!

And I got an ssl certificate installed on my site! Not bad for a fat old lady!

Supreme Court irrational decision dangerous to us all.

June 25, 2015 will be a day forever remembered as the day the Constitution and a nation of laws died. It will always be remembered as the day plain words with specific meaning written into law by the legislative branch were changed by the Supreme Court.

That may not mean much to most folks who never even bothered to read the Constitution. It may not bother folks who never understood it is the foundation, the fundamental document approved by the people that was deliberately designed to restrain government, thus protecting the people from tyranny.

But the legal term “precedent” applies to everything the Supreme Court does. Think about that.

We now have a huge government that rules us with impunity, and the courts are political. They now will judge law on the basis of their political bias, rather than the plain legal language written in the law.

This is extremely dangerous to future generations who will now have no recourse to stand on the plain wording of the foundation documents that formed this country and mob rule can apply anywhere.

Democrats may write a law with clear language that says states can do something, and when challenged, they can just deny that was the intent, even though the law would never have been passed. Laws are already SELECTIVELY enforced by this administration, and law breaking cover ups occur daily with impunity. Nothing happens to the law breakers! But if you, the guy on the street say something unpopular, you can be charged with any number of the 85,000 or so laws they keep passing.

I suspect that the way this government operates causes lots of mental problems, and the cognitive dissonance among the culture also contributes. Law seems to be only used to oppress regular people, and government is not restrained at all. The old catch 22 is if you seek help for your mental distress, they will come take your means of self-defense away.

Just remember, folks. Future administrations with this sort of impunity can do great damage to your posterity. I would recommend to those wanting to immigrate – stay home, because this place could get very dangerous, very quickly. We are no longer a nation of laws.

Thesaurus, visual and otherwise….

I forgot how much fun it is to look in a thesaurus!  There are so many words with multiple meanings these days, and so many that can be substituted, editing can be a crazy activity.  Visual thesaurus is also just plain fun to play with, looking for alternatives to your first choice word.

However, one must be careful that we don’t sound just too blasted effete and elitist with use of words.  Generally, people get turned off when reading things if they have to look up all sorts of words.  But, I’ve found in my own experience of just plain reading for pleasure, that sometimes a new word stimulates all sorts of curiosity.  I would hope,this would be the case for students but too often they want easy answers and just want it behind them.

Reading Brother Cadfael series, there are many words from antiquity that actually aid in placing that imaginative part of your brain back into that era of history.  Interesting how that works.

Guess it’s been a while…

Guess it’s been a while since I posted.  Things keep happening that prevent my finding time to spend here.

Homeschool year is ending.  My oldest student has struggled so with Algebra, but finally passed the tests needed to satisfy the state, and I’ve prepared those to mail off tomorrow.  My younger student did so well on her exams, I started third grade already.  She’s ready for so much more than she’s doing now.  I just wish these new neighbors had children for her sake.  She’s such an active sweet thing, but lacks “stick-to-it-iveness” which was something my mom always encouraged.  Can’t ride the bike.  Can’t ride the scooter.  At least, she can swim, and quite well, too.

Soon it will be pool time, but since they have to head for West Virginia by 4:30 most days, we will have to go earlier in the day, risking sun burn.  Ugh.  I expect that since the water is the place to be, only shoulders will get burned.  Perhaps we should wear shirts until a reasonable hour.

I’m considering skipping right on into Geometry for my 14 yr old, and not struggling with any more algebra.  Geometry was a good subject for me, and in some ways, I see myself in her often.  Wish I had been as lovely.


My Feline Friend

I’ve a little feline friend.  Ash is her name.  She’s lived her entire life right here in this house.  The family moved to West Virginia and left her, because it would have been traumatic for her to move from her home after years here.

Since they moved out, she and her buddy, Clover, have become somewhat more friendly than they used to be.  Now, they even nap on the same bed while I watch my TV shows and drift off into my head during evenings.  While Ash may enjoy my lap, Clover sometimes gets jealous and gets off to enjoy the colder floor.  Both are hairy beasties, but the house would not be the same without them.

Movie nights, IMG_1130.2015-02-23_173154when we have guests over for carry-out and movies, Ash is always in my lap, and Clover on the floor next to the recliner.  Sometimes neither of us is awake through the first movie, but we recover for the second.  These are moments I cherish with my furry friends.

Ash is very tidy.  She freaks out if her box isn’t scooped twice a day, at least.  She will beg for fresh water and watch me prepare food in the kitchen waiting patiently on the counter.  She is calm and friendly, but loves to interfere when I’m on the computer, walking on the keyboard.  I do love her.

Simple Dictionary Skills

I don’t know if others have this type of frustration with their homeschooling, but I sure suffer here. When I’m giving an assignment to a youngster, like the one today, to use guidewords at the top of the page to find things in the dictionary, (it’s really simple) some other motivated well-intentioned adult comes along and helps them to the point of doing it for them. This to me is defeating the purpose.

Then I get yelled at for yelling. Hmmm. Tomorrow, this lesson will be repeated, and we will do it as many times as needed to teach the skill. It’s a simple but very much needed skill. A dictionary is essential. Google shouldn’t be there for youngsters who need to learn the basics before cutting these things short. At this point, I’m thinking google is depriving lots of students of useful skills and shortchanging them should networks and computer systems all crash.

It would be one thing if there wasn’t a threat of a serious EMT attack, but I’ve read in national security articles that it’s very real, and could occur at any time.

Things I’ve been neglecting…tsk tsk.

Classical music.  Boy, I’ve been missing it myself so badly.  A dear friend was clearing out her house to prepare it for sale, and brought me a huge bag of classical cds.   Since we got a new amp just a week ago, I had to figure out how to play them!  The house was empty.  It was terrific!

Now, I must incorporate a bit of classical music instruction in my lessons each day, perhaps about 10 minutes of discussion of a composer, and then listening to some of his music.  There’s so much here to choose from, especially added to my already considerable collection.  How I wish I were good at organization, so I could arrange them in a way so I could find them when I want them.  Perhaps, one of the girls will become organized someday, and do it for me.  Oh, I know that’s a bit too much to expect, but maybe.


Algebra, and doubts.

There are so many things I worry about.  While I like to perceive each of my students being a little genius, that’s unrealistic.  I know it.  So, algebra has been a real problem.  It was always a problem for me as well.  After struggling with Saxon algebra for half a year, getting nowhere, I found ctcmath.com online, and lo and behold!  It works.  I don’t know why, but some people just do much better when the problems given actually pertain to the lesson taught on that day.  We will struggle through algebra again, and I’m sure things will go better from now on, because the attitude has changed.

CTC is working well for the younger student as well.  Although she doesn’t like to think much, and is reluctant to read, she is very capable.  Attitude is everything.  Her’s is negative and sassy everyday.  That’s got to change.  It will affect her success.  How a child could recognize words at 8th grade level, yet be unable to sound words out is beyond me.  I suspect the testing wasn’t really very useful.  Multiple choice…. means any good guess.  Sigh.  I got assessments for both students.  One was functioning at 12th grade level, although being baffled by algebra, and the other was reading at a much higher level, but was unable to sound out words!  I’m thinking attitude again.

Barnhardt thinking….it’s so clear!


Here’s a link to Ann Barnhardt explaining what the Catholic Church is, and describing the confusion folk have today about exactly that. Describing how it’s been attacked and by whom for a long, long time. Let’s try really hard to understand that if we are really so self-centered that we are “looking for God” we are most likely making up some unworldly creature that is what we want Him to be. But it’s clearly a violation of the very first Commandment handed down to Moses. Ann has a unique way with words that is clearly persuasive, and fills me with hope. I’d like to share several of her posts here.

We begin Constitution study soon…

I’ve ordered yet another curriculum guide to help us study the Constitution, but it hasn’t arrived yet. We intend to break it down, and work at understanding the implications of each article, and how this is a wonderful foundation for liberty.


Our homeschool is eclectic, part unschooled, part curriculum based, and works to enhance the talents and interests of our students. Not easy to achieve, because their ages vary widely.