Today Impeachment of DJT Begins

So, I suppose I’ll be busy watching the proceedings on TV.  Oh, the bane of my existence!  I hate TV!  It’s turned into a gutter viewer, and even shows I’d like to watch are filled with either smut or gay relationships as though 1-2% of the population is what they now call “normy.”  Normy is what I used to be, I guess.  Now I’m a bigot, gun rights nut, with white privilege, and a fat old woman all.  I guess those who call the shots, the paid media, and the college professors out to destroy the country will just have to get used to folks like me being here, because we were here first, and have ties to long ago pilgrims!  Who knew?

Not dead yet!  Trying to protect the nation from the totalitarians who want everything their way.  No God, no guns, no Constitution, no liberty, and no dissenting from their leftist views.

Well, I’m not dead yet!  And I’m not sure Virginia is either.

Today, it’s all good!

Today, this morning, everything connects as it’s supposed to, and I owe thanks to the support guy, John, at my hosting company!  Yesterday was a disaster, as usual, and I discovered that what my computer says my ip address is is not what whatsmyip says my ip is.  Interesting.  And confusing.

For some reason, also, I had to give up using Opera because it wouldn’t connect, while Firefox does.  So, that’s interesting.


As Usual, things aren’t working right yet

I had things settled on my old hosting company, and thought everything was going smoothly, and it did for well over a year.  There was a support guy that really helped me out.  But one day in December, late, I noticed my email wasn’t flowing for my website.  Hmmm.  I waited a few days.  Nothing.

I tried to log onto the site one day, and good grief!  It was suspended!  What on earth?  I had nothing controversial on there, except possibly ad for CBD oil from an affiliate account.  I’ve never actually sold anything, or made any commissions from anyone.  Well, once long ago I made some commissions from Amazon, and spent it all buying books. That’s the way I fly.  I read a lot.  My kindle is getting slow I think because it’s got so much stuff in it!

So, I tried to get support from my favorite support guy, and nothing.  Nothing.  No acknowledgement even of the trouble ticket.  So, a few days later, I logged on the hosting site and lo and behold, that trouble ticket wasn’t even there!  Ugh.

So, I tried again.  Still nothing.  So for three more days, a total of about a week or so, the site was marked suspended, and no mail flowed.

So, I looked elsewhere and got a new hosting account.  But, of course, things aren’t working as smoothly as they should.  It might be a while before things settle down.  Maybe I’ve misconfigured something.  Who knows.  I’ll keep checking.

In the meantime, I heard from my old hosting company they’d love to have me back!  So, we will see.  Hmmm..