A Floater

I have a floater in my eye.  Actually not sure which!  But as I look around, a black spot floats into the scene from left to right, slowly.  It’s random enough that I frequently take it for a bug and swat away to get it out of my face.

IT reminds me of a sin.  Not any one in particular, but sin nonetheless.  This glorious gift from God, a sunny cool day that fairly glistens with the promise of a gorgeous spring we are enjoying, is marred by this rude spot!

I’m reminded that no one is perfect.  No matter how we see life, there’s always a fault like this damn floater in each of us that affects how we see people, the world, life in general.  That “mote in the eye” in biblical terms.  Oh, there it goes again….

No matter how easy ones life may seem, no matter how much one has acquired in this life, there is always something wrong.  Even on the best, most beautiful days, we cannot totally ignore the state of the nation, the mess of our governmental system, the mess of international relations.  We can sit in the sun, bask in the warmth, enjoy the sound of children playing, watch the lovely flowers open, and later whither on the stalk, and die, and still, that damn spot, that constantly moving floater comes back into view, and we remember what a mess this country is just now.

A lesson I should not have needed….

Human nature is faulty.  There’s no question.  Were human nature perfectible we could call live peacefully together without strife.  But neither religions or laws have ever changed human nature.

I just learned a lesson I should not  have needed.  I learned it again.  Actually, in the back of my mind, I knew it already, but denied it to myself because I had a need and a want. And the obvious good will and generosity of the boys, Virginians, sold me on the idea.

I wanted to promote my website, and earn some affiliate money, and searching for ways to do that, I discovered ad revenue sharing sites.  Now, to be fully honest, I thought I was just going to purchase, inexpensively, a way to advertise to lots and lots of people.  The added benefit of my ads earning money for me was a lure, and enticement – it contained a promise I should have known was pie in the sky nonsense.

Socialism doesn’t work because as Dame Thatcher said, so long ago, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”

Yet, ad revenue sharing sites all do the same thing, and for the same reason.  They function like Ponzi schemes and are very seductive, in that they hold a promise of what you need when you sign up.

But, ultimately, they can’t sustain themselves anymore than socialist governments do.  Eventually, the money peters out and payments out are reduced, sometimes across the board, so you can’t really profit from them for very long.

No matter how well meaning, no matter how generous or with what good intentions the plans are instituted, human nature isn’t taken into consideration.

There is nothing wrong with profit.  Profit is not a dirty word.  It’s the fundamental earned return on the hard labor of either persons or capital and is essential to all progress.  Without that profit, whole civilizations rot.  AEI recently published a compelling and perhaps the most powerful argument for capitalism you could ever read back in 2015.  Check it out.

To the boys at Triplethr3at.net I can only wish the best, and pray that things work out well for them anyway.  If they do start another revshare site, I hope they figure out a way to sustain it longterm, because they have helped so many, many people, if only for a short time.  You can’t fault their motives.  They have good hearts, and thrive on helping.

Unfortunately, reality exists.  And human nature is faulty.

Oh, it sounded so good.  I’ll play a while longer.  But, it’s hard to promote something once you can see trouble starting.

EarningTraffic.com  just disappeared.